Oracle APEX Software Developer

We seek a hard working, intelligent, dynamic person to join our firm. We develop commercial software-as-a-service that is sold to US federal, state, and local governments. We have significant flexibility in the skills we expect to see in candidate. Not everyone knows everything, therefore even the most senior person will have a lot to learn. A junior or entry-level person is welcome. The right person/people will make their own path at our company. Blaze it!

We expect cooperation, a sense of fun, a strong sense of duty, and a firm understanding that the work we do is helping others.

Yes, we do seek technical candidates. If you are pretty darned good at:

Let us know. We will be happy to explore newbies and folks

¿Hablas Espanol? Puntos extra para ti.

Work Location: From Home. Some travel maybe required.

US Citizen: Yes. Must be able to pass a government background check for working with US federal agencies. Work visas not accepted.

Good Reliable Internet: REQUIRED

Hours: US East Coast hours, 8-5. Some longer days and longer weeks maybe required

Customer Service Professional

We pride ourselves on customer service. Our customers have lived through a natural disaster. They strive daily to improve the conditions for others. Our team helps. What skills are required? The ability to communicate very clearly in English (and Spanish). The questions may include “How do I reset my password?”, “Can you help me upload these data?”. Our customer service professional write instructions. They help coordinate our projects. They also spent time learning programming: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle APEX. That is not the only career path open. Long term career options may be project administration, business administration, or server/network administration.

The work is done from your home office. This is not a job for a loner, but a team player. We expect individual to invest time and effort into building relationship with others on our team and with our customers. We care about friendly demeanor, kindness, patience, and integrity.

What you make of this position is up to you!

Next Step

We want a well-written and complete cover letter plus a resumé/CV. The minimum requirements:

U.S. Government Clearance

Due to our close work with state governments and the U.S. federal government, the majority of our staff holds clearance issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). It is highly likely that during your first year of employment you will have to complete a digital version of Standard Form 86 (SF86), be finger printed, undergo a detailed review of your legal, criminal, and financial history. While dual citizenship is not an immediate disqualifier, non-US citizens are NOT permitted to hold a security clearance.