APEX Error Code apex.error.internal request-plugin

////APEX Error Code apex.error.internal request-plugin

APEX Error Code apex.error.internal request-plugin


By Stevie Dickerson, Storm Petrel

Problem Statement

Exporting then importing an Oracle APEX 5.1 application with a newer-style JET report generated an error indicating a problem with a plug in.


Our team at Storm Petrel were excited to implement new APEX 5.1 features into our applications, so once our development server was upgraded to APEX 5.1, we immediately got to work updating our legacy charts to JET charts.

The charts themselves are beautiful and more modern than the previous APEX charts. We were really excited about the change and our production server was the next to be upgraded. Then…a problem happened.

I ran into a problem taking an application from our development server to our production server for early testing. This was the first application that contained APEX 5.1 features, specifically JET charts.

Problem Summary

When exporting then importing an APEX 5.1 application that includes a JET chart, an error message appears that reads:


The error backtrace from our error log does not give much more information


----- PL/SQL Call Stack -----
  object      line  object
  handle    number  name
00007FFF15455870       935  package body APEX_050100.WWV_FLOW_ERROR
00007FFF15455870      1003  package body APEX_050100.WWV_FLOW_ERROR
00007FFF15455870      1395  package body APEX_050100.WWV_FLOW_ERROR
00007FFF15455870      1484  package body APEX_050100.WWV_FLOW_ERROR
00007FFF154E9A48      2122  package body APEX_050100.WWV_FLOW_PLUGIN
00007FFF154E9A48      3004  package body APEX_050100.WWV_FLOW_PLUGIN
00007FFF173BF108      4533  package body APEX_050100.WWV_FLOW
00007FFF173BF108      5951  package body APEX_050100.WWV_FLOW
00007FFF157995A0         2  anonymous block

Problem Confirmation

Mark the JET chart regions as “NEVER”. If you load the page without issues, then you are likely. Problem Workaround/Resolution

After receiving assistance from the awesome staff at Oracle APEX, we found that we were hitting bug #25403748 – plug-in ajax request fail if component id is negative which has already been fixed in the upcoming APEX 5.1.1 patchset.

Until the APEX 5.1.1 release, the workaround to avoid the error message is:

  1. When exporting an application that includes JET charts, make sure that
  2. “Export with Original IDs” = No
  3. Import the application into the target environment like normal, then Voila!

No error messages.

Stevie Dickerson

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