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Planning Page Numbers

There are numerous advantages for planning page numbers in Oracle Application Express. The more obvious is that you can group pages and order then based on function. Finding a page from a list of pages becomes easier with a plan.

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Oracle APEX 5 Sentry Function

The name is a pretty good clue: Sentry. A sentry stands a post and alerts others when issues arise. After a few hours of exploration, I see that the functions duties and its name are well matched. Let’s explore a bit together, eh?

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Synchronize Sequence with Primary Key

Whilst migrating to Oracle 12c, it is clear that we will still have primary keys populated by sequences for years to come. When I pull production data over to our development server, I dread the steps required to synchronize the old sequences to the updated tables. Using the expdp / impdp, moving the tables has become routine and risk free.

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Adding help to an application advances the professional look and polish of an application. Furthermore, adding help text to pages and page items forces the development team to stand back from their own work and view the effort from the user’s perspective. Oracle APEX provides several tools facilitate the process. It is our job to put them into place and get them working.

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We wanted a method of selecting number of items from a list using Oracle APEX. If picking 2 items from 10, a shuttle box may be optimal. If picking 2 of thousands, then a popup LOV (list of value) may be a better choice. What if your needs are in between?

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