Media Capture from Phone with Oracle APEX

Do you want to capture images, video or audio into an APEX application directly from your phone?

Media Capture from Phone with Oracle APEX is easily accomplished natively within APEX. No need for JavaScript, no need for bridging apps. If you develop software using Oracle Application Express, then you have all of the tools that you need.

Step 1

Add a file browse page item to your page. Give it an appropriate name and set your storage time as desired. For this example, I am using APEX_APPLICATION_TEMP_FILES.


Step 2

Add custom attributes to the “Advanced” section of the page item attributes as shown in the illustration.

Custom Attributes

Step 3

Save it as you normally would. Need help on processing APEX_APPLICATION_TEMP_FILES take a quick look at my blog entry from August 2015.

Step 4

Try it. Pick up your phone, log into your app, navigate to the page.


I’ve tried this only on my Android phone.




accept=”audio/*” capture=”microphone”



accept=”video/*” capture=”camcorder”