A grant management suite of software tailored to follow the U.S. federally funded grant model as described in 2CFR200. Grant management is executed within the core product including financial tracking, document management, regulatory compliance, score cards for completeness and for procurement. The upcoming release of Tempest-GEMS is version 5. This suite of grant management software includes the following modules:

  • Grant Execution (Grant management)
  • Grant Administration (“State” administration of a grant program)
  • Financial Management (general ledger / chart of accounts)
  • EMAC Management module
  • (read-only access to documents for federal funding agency)
  • Tempest-Time
  • Time and expense tracking software oriented for U.S. federal contractors.


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Tempest-Time effectively and accurately invoices for time and expenses. Loved by consultants, engineers, architects, & software developers. Ideal for those who must work in a labyrinth of programs and projects. After years of attempting to comply using commercial, off-the-shelf products, Storm Petrel designed Tempest-Time. The application is a modifiable-off-the-shelf product. We wrote it for ourselves because nothing out there met our needs.

Since 2012, Storm Petrel has designed, developed, hosted, and supported commercial software. Our software is hosted from our Oracle infrastructure via Amazon Web Services. During the years, we have manged over $5 billion USD in grant funding, stored and tracked almost 500,000 electronic documents. We have written complex interfaces to other commercial products and U.S. government data sites.

Our commercial products are variously called: commercial-off-the-shelf [COTS], modifiable-off-the-shelf [MOTS], software-as-a-service [SAAS]. Regardless of the name, the results are efficient, scale-able software created by season professionals. 

Our products come with customer service based in North America. Our team is bilingual in Spanish and English. The team monitors the performance of our applications, addresses questions from our users, and publish articles about the features of our tools.

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