Effective emergency fund management means cloud-based tools. Tempest-GEMS is a proven grant management application available via GSA. The software has managed billions of emergency funds through the Stafford Act since 2013.

There are only two firms in the U.S. with this specific relief funds management experience and an immediately available COTS product to perform the task. Only one of them, Storm Petrel, is a pre-approved federal government vendor on the GSA Schedule, simplifying procurement. Furthermore, its founder is not only a certified emergency manager, she is also a former EMS chief, critical care paramedic and biologist. Storm Petrel is the only firm (of the two available) with leadership that has hands-on expertise in responding to healthcare crises versus weather-based disaster responses and understands the dramatic differences in the responses required. Storm Petrel’s tool, Tempest-GEMS, is also the only tool that was designed to perform grant execution versus simply administration. 

Tempest-GEMS is a grant expense management system designed for complex grant environments such as Emergency Funds provided by the Stafford Act. Tempest-GEMS simplifies financial tracking. It collects and collates required documents. It advises users if they are missing documents. The application includes policy self-assessment tools. And, it scores the compliance of each procurement effort. Tempest-GEMS prevents errors such as failure to follow federal procurement law, failure to provide supporting evidence of expenditure, and duplication of expenses. The tool is more than just grant expense management, it also does:

  • Document management
  • Compliance management
  • Time tracking

PUERTO RICO – Arriving 10 days after Hurricane Maria in 2017, Storm Petrel staff have been working side-by-side with the Government of Puerto Rico on the disaster response and recovery processes. Read about our work in Puerto Rico.

What do you Need?

What Does it Do?

Grant Life Cycle Management – start with a draft application and step through approvals, reimbursements/advances, and through to close out. Tempest-GEMS also provides archival storage of your data and documents.

Manage Money – Track money in, through, and out of grants. Every time money is moved, Tempest-GEMS links it with associated documents (invoices, checks, payroll, etc.). Read more…

Manage Documents – For every action upload a document to prove it is complete

Manage Compliance – Know what is missing before asked: Procurement Policies, Contract Workflow, Document Checklists.

Three-tiered grant management that is 2CFR200 compliant. Also works for internationally funded programs.

Reports, Charts, Analytics – Nearly infinite reporting and charting options for your grant-related data

Administration – Grantee/Sub-grantee (or recipient/sub-recipient) collaborating continuously. Each team has what they need including reports, workflows, dashboards…

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