Tempest-Time effectively and accurately invoices for time and expenses. Loved by consultants, engineers, architects, & software developers. Ideal for those who must work in a labyrinth of programs and projects. After years of attempting to comply using commercial, off-the-shelf products, Storm Petrel designed Tempest-Time. The application is a modifiable-off-the-shelf product. We wrote it for ourselves because nothing out there met our needs.

Three principles:

  • Track time and expenses efficiently
  • Provide flexible configuration to accommodate broad commercial appeal
  • Encapsulate the complexity required by FEMA and other federal agencies simply

Tempest-Time key features include:

  • Permits complex project structures
  • Group projects … Group together groups of projects
  • Tracks time and expenses for projects and tasks
  • Feature-rich fee schedules

Can your software do this with your projects?


The products are sold as “software-as-a-service”. As such, users engage the tools using standard software browsers over the internet.

  • Nothing is downloaded
  • Nothing is installed
  • The data are secured centrally at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Storm Petrel produces the software applications using database management tools from Oracle. We bill for your use of the software. The data belongs to you and we manage the rest!

Beautiful Invoices

Tempest-Time serve a range of customers including software developers, engineers and others who must manage projects that are nested within projects. We designed the application to help FEMA consultants and disaster recovery professionals capture and invoice direct administrative costs (DAC) and other non-DAC grant related billing challenges.

Helping clients get reimbursement for grant management costs is as important as helping them claim debris removal cost and construction costs.

It takes a couple of minutes per day to track the grant management costs whether done with a spreadsheet or paper or with Tempest-Time. Pride taken in financial recovery should include reimbursement of your own services. We’ll do what you need in the invoice. It is your invoice.

We provide one free simple invoice design for our customers. Pick your colors, columns, and layout, we’ll do it for you. If you have a complex invoice with header pages, summary pages, billing analysis, we can do that for you too! We’ll provide a not-to-exceed cost for the invoice. Your team and our team will review the design and the parameters. You approve it, we’ll make it happen.

It’s your business. We’re here to help.

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