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With the introduction of 2CFR200, the rules behind US federally-funded grants standardized. Tempest-GEMS built a tool to match!

Three Tiered Funding

1. Federal Agency / International Organization

Funding starts at the top whether a US federal agency, or an international/multi-national organization such as UN, World Bank, EU. This organization become the Grantor. They establish the rules. They provide the money.

2. State or Territorial Agency / Other

With US federally-funded grants, many grant program provide the funding to state or territorial agencies. These agencies, in turn, become the administrator of the programs. They are held responsible for following the rules, establishing plans, and make sure that day-to-day oversight exists. These organizations are called Recipients. Sometimes also called Grantee or Applicant.

3. Local Governments / Non-Profits

Sub-recipients or also called Sub-applicants or sub-grantee. The grants are executed at a local level: building roads, fixing bridge, putting a roof on the local firehouse, what ever the project, the project management and bills are paid at a local level. Then at key intervals, the sub-recipient prepares Requests for the Recipient. These Requests related to the life cycle of a grant. They include:

  • Submit grant application and Request funding
  • Request financial advance
  • Request reimbursement
  • Request quality review
  • Request other administrative action
    • Appeals
    • Change of scope/funding
  • Request Close out and final reimbursement


Tempest-GEMS has modules and features for every level. Our first versions focused on the needs of the sub-recipient. These are the folks with the responsibility of completing projects and often have the fewest resources (people and tools) to help them manage and important grants. 

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