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Managing documents is a key strength of Tempest-GEMS. What do you need to hand to your granting agency? Well, they say: “Everything”. Everything means just about every document and photo and invoice and check that tells the full story of how you used the government money. This story has to prove to Uncle that you were a good steward of our funds.

How is Tempest-GEMS different?

The most important aspect is that the software has goals and therefore strives to keep grants on track with those goals.

Virtual Binders

Picture a three-ring binder. Put in a table of contents and a series of dividers. Each divider has a name that describes its content. That is exactly what Tempest-GEMS has, except it is all digital. A Virtual Binder is a table of contents, an outline, a series of dividers all in one. It is also a list of all documents that make up a complete grant. Build your project, fill your binder, and smile. You’re just about done.

We can re-order the outline and make the needed modifications.

How to Use Virtual Binders(tm)

First, go to your particular grant.

Second, select a Virtual Binder Template(tm)

Third, confirm that candidate documents belong in your Virtual Binder(tm) by clicking the paper clip shown in the illustration below.

“Should Be” versus “As Is”

The Virtual Binder shows us what “Should Be”. The outline and dividers of the Virtual Binder represent the target or goal for grant submissions. It is a full list, in order, of what is expected. This is one half of the compliance picture. On the right side of the report above, we have a score card (we love score cards). We tell you what you’ve got, and what is still missing.

“As Is”

Scraping away all of the information about “Should Be”, the As-Is Report illustrates the grant status as it is right now.


Documents play a key role in the scoring compliance of contract procurement. For each step completed during the contracting cycle, a document is uploaded demonstrating that a step is successful. These are scored and you get a report demonstrating that you picked up each point: bid, RFP, matrix, etc.

Bind and Download

When ready for a reimbursement request or a close out, you can download your Virtual Binder.

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