Storm Petrel LLC is green in the Green Mountains. We applaud Governor Peter Shumlin for Executive Order No 05-16 on 19 July 2016. Storm Petrel is steadfast and loyal to the green initiatives and the challenges facing us all from climate change. Our business mission is to help communities through their local governments prepare for, plan for, and recover from natural disasters.

But what do we do to help? Let’s take a look that the list Governor Shumlin challenged us all with:

  • Use of thermal and electric efficiency and conservation measures;
  • Use of renewable energy sources for its operations;
  • Efforts to reduce and track carbon emissions;
  • Use of and encouragement of employee use of electric and zero emissions vehicles including providing workplace charging stations;
  • Offering employees an option for a fossil fuel divested retirement account;
  • Whether the supplies or services offered promote waste, energy and water efficiency

And here is our approach (and has been since we opened)

  • Storm Petrel office’s climate controls are powered by geothermal systems driven by deep water wells.
  • Our data center is a shared environment with a partner (Amazon Web Services) committed to 100% renewable energy.
  • 40% renewable energy sources by end of 2016 (25% renewable as of April 2015)
  • Amazon Wind Farm Fowler Ridge – 150 MW wind farm in Benton County, IN
  • Amazon Solar Farm US East – 80 MW solar farm in Accomack County, VA
  • Amazon Wind Farm US East – 208 mMW wind farm in Perquimans and Pasquotank Counties, NC
  • Amazon Wind Farm US Central – 100 MS wind farm in Paulding County, OH
  • We strive to track carbon emissions from our vendors and encourage efforts to make reductions
  • Vehicles emissions? 5 staff, 0 miles commuted! Most simply walk to their office
  • Fossil Fuel divested retirement account — all right, we don’t get the check mark here. But in year 3 of a start up, we don’t yet offer benefits either.
  • While not directly related to waste, energy, or water, we endeavor to improve community resiliency and reduce the economic impact of catastrophic weather events.

So a small company with a blue logo is green. We are green in the Green Mountains.