Hurricanes Maria and Irma

These two storms from the fall of 2017 destroyed the homes, roads, business, institutions, and communities directly impacting over 3 million Americans. The numbers don’t tell a complete story - the longest US power outage, communities without water, sewer, and power 10 months later.


Tempest-GEMS was operational for Puerto Rico six days after the storms cleared. During the months, that followed Storm Petrel staff work side-by-side with disaster response and recovery specialists from across our nation: police, fire, sanitation, military, volunteers, federal agencies, local agencies, local companies.

By the Numbers

Storm Petrel worked for the City of New York following Hurricane Sandy. We thought some of the NYC numbers were large. We are only beginning to see the real numbers for Maria and Irma.

It is about work

We have a long, long way to go. Every day, hundreds and hundreds of hardworking people make serious strides towards rebuilding this beautiful island. While Storm Petrel does not swing hammers, pour concrete, sling power lines, or pump water, we do what we can to help every day. Every dollar spent must be tracked. Documents provide evidence that funds comply with rules. Tempest-GEMS actively guides users through following complex federal rules. The dollars and documents in Tempest-GEMS are shared with FEMA via DoxShire.

Our team sustains the system-of-record for the Government of Puerto Rico. We DO:

It is about work, working in teams, working together. Our quiet job gathers few headlines (We did get one nice article in Forbes). With our efforts in the “back-office”, the flow of funding from the U.S. federal government to the Puerto Rican government to vendors and employees will slow down or stop. Then the hammers will quiet, the concrete won’t flow, power lines will remain laying on the ground, and people will carry water to their homes.

And a bit about hope…

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