Storm Petrel proudly announces the latest addition to the Tempest suite of software. Tempest-Bid is your tool to build winning government bids and grant proposals. We blend existing high-powered tools that exist within our offering to improve the speed, and quality of your bid responses.


Tempest-Bid manages and builds winning government bids and grant proposals. Steal from your own past efforts with ease! Find pertinent text rapidly. Incorporate existing text into your next proposal. Organize your team’s deadlines, assignments, and scheduling within Tempest-Bid.

Use your digital fingers to retrieve past performance statistics. Submit every bid with the same confidence and enthusiasm you had at the start of the project.

We blend document management with project management. Let Tempest-Bid generate your bid resumes on the fly. Re-use boilerplate text and incorporate past writing into current projects. We all do it. Now, there is a terrific tool to help us do it better.



Document Management

Search and find text in existing bid
Store and share project documents
Build proposals from snippets of existing work
Build team resumes – on the fly!

Project Management

Collaborate on the scheduling
Assign and track accomplishments
Know your deadlines

Proposal Resumes

Build resumes from a database of assets
Create attractive and standardized resumes

Proposal Lifecycle Management

Proposal Delivery
Extract “snippets”
Capture proof of delivery
Proposal Feedback, scoring, etc
Proposal Award & Execution
Capture and track past performance

Curious about pricing?

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