Tempest-Code writes civil citations for code violations. Starting with a list of properties and owners, the code enforcement officer is able to rapidly identify the violations, capture digital evidence, and prepare a citation from a tablet or phone.


Keeping Communities Safe

Frustrated with finding addresses for property owners, writing letters and preparing each document one-at-a-time, we wrote Tempest-Code to assist code enforcement officers in helping keep communities safe.


How does it work?

On a tablet, or phone, of course.

  1. Ask the system to find the nearest five properties. And select from the list.
  2. Select the ordinance
  3. Use your mobile device to capture photos, video, or audio
  4. Review the citation
  5. Submit it!

From a full-size computer, you can easily manage ordinances, update property and owner data and manage past violations.


Citations are created by the database in MS Word or in PDF. We have a module that permits the system to send the citation electronically to a service that prepares your registered mail and completes the return-receipt document.


You wrote the citation and collected the digital evidence at the same time. It was all stamped with times, dates, and location, with a nearly perfect chain of custody.

Web-based Software

Storm Petrel excels at using Oracle for storing and managing documents. We create flexible and useful reports including letters. This was a perfect fit for us. And now it is a perfect fit for you. Our applications are always available through the internet. Nothing to download, nothing to install.