Grant Expense Management System

We’ve blended the best parts of an accounting system with a document management system. Track your dollars, store your documents! It’s just that simple. As ole Isaac Newton says: For each dollar there is an equally important document. Well, he might not have said this exactly, but it has proven to be the law with US federal grants. Tempest-GEMS is a grant expense management system.

Storm Petrel founded Tempest-GEMS on four principles:

  • Enter Data Once
  • Link It
  • Collaborate
  • Share

With these principles, we’ve aided grant applicants manage millions of dollars. We’ve built roads, and bridges, and cleaned up debris, paid for public safety professionals. Ok, ok, we didn’t actually pay for it. But we helped. We tracked the dollars. We uploaded and tracked every bit of required evidence. We’ve improved cash flow. We’ve improved work flow.

    +       +      =  

Manage Dollars

  • Accurate tracking of every dollar in, every dollar out
  • Account System like Transaction Register “Bank Book” with running balances
  • Identification of spending with grant classifications (contract, rental, material, force account)
  • Clean data entry pages that capture who, what, when and why of each transaction

Manage Documents

  • For each action, upload a document to prove it is completed
  • Tempest-GEMS stamps each document with what and why
  • Upload and link invoices, proof of payment and other evidence immediately
  • Use virtual binders, download documents for state or federal agencies

Manage Compliance

  • Compare expected documents against what is uploaded
  • Know what is missing before asked
  • Do you have your bid ads, scoring matrix, contracts?
  • Do you have your invoices and proof of payment?
  • Don’t guess, let Tempest-GEMS help you!

Manage Grants!

  • Give those who funded your project great looking reports and documents
  • Collect your progress payments with greater ease
  • Close out your projects with confidence

What’s Next?

Storm Petrel released Tempest-GEMS version 4 for our customers. Our first versions were tuned to accommodate FEMA. We learned it works for other grants as well.

We’ve used our software to manage large construction projects with multiple funding sources: insurance, donations, FEMA public assistance, and CDBG-DR. We have already solved the problems with managing document and dollars simultaneously. We know how to stamp every document with who/what/when/why.

Key features include:

We are investigating the next steps: NSF grants, state grants for refuse and recycling, firefighter grants, agricultural and research grants. When funded by the US government, the laws are basically the same.

Got an idea for us? Or a grant problem to solve? Contact us!