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Storm Petrel LLC sells high-quality software that aids local and state governments through the financial recovery process after a natural disaster. The Tempest suite of software applications improves the workflow, cash-flow, and regulatory compliance of managing federal grant programs. Our software and related data management services provide the optimal mix of off-the-shelf products with highly customizable feature sets that assist our customers to solve business needs. Our team has decades of experience with US federal, state, and local government experience.

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Tempest-GEMS® is a grant expense management system that guides you through federal grants. The software advises users on regulatory compliance, tracks grant funds, and manages all evidentiary documentation. It identifies missing documents, uses checklists to assist with compliance while presenting users with a clean interface. Available through any browser, any time. Take control of grants, avoid de-obligation, embrace 2CRF200, the “Super Circular”. Read about Tempest-GEMS…

PUERTO RICO – Arriving 10 days after Hurricane Maria in 2017, Storm Petrel staff have been working side-by-side with the Government of Puerto Rico on the disaster response and recovery processes. Read about our work in Puerto Rico.

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Tempest-Time® bills time and expenses for consultants who provide grant management and emergency management services to public sector clients. The web-based system is tuned to meet the stringent requirements for FEMA direct administrative cost tracking. Even with DAC rules changing, accurate and precise reporting is essential for your clients.

Improve client reimbursements with beautiful invoices and reports. Step away from the spreadsheets. Use great tools as a part of your business plan! Read about Tempest-Time…

Storm Petrel Services

  • Commercial Software Applications (modifiable-off-the-shelf/MOTS)
  • Custom Software Applications (Bespoke Software Development)
  • Software customer service

We sell software-as-a-service. This means that our applications are hosted securely using enterprise-class Oracle database technology. Our tools may be used as presented (off the rack, as it were), or customized to meet your specifications (bespoke). We are here envisioning new ways to solve old problems. Our software is MOTS meaning “modifiable off the shelf”. We can add specialized work flow, add needed fields, create custom reports for you and your organization.

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