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We improve the lives of the American public by assuring immediate, effective, responsible management of emergency funds with training and software.


Effective emergency fund management means cloud-based tools. Tempest-GEMS is a proven grant management software application available via GSA. Our software has managed billions of dollars provided by U.S. federal grants including the Stafford Act.

All Disasters are Local

It’s obvious that we need to allocate the emergency funds to address the coronavirus pandemic but it’s irresponsible to do so without also providing the means to administer funds effectively at the federal level.

In a typical year, 75% of funds recipients, usually local governments and local non-profits, fail to follow federal laws pertaining to the grants, the Stafford Act and FEMA. That’s a typical year. We’re heading into a situation where local governments and non-profits, like everyone else, will have the additional burden of reduced administrative capacity. The number of people involved in disaster cost recovery has skyrocketed in 2020.

It is about All of Us

It is about ALL of US!

Ineffective management robs you of funds designated for tests, equipment, food and water, medical supplies, personal protection gear, economic assistance, even healthcare providers. That means more deaths, more illness, more uncertainty and instability.

Rebuild Better

Money without support is not a solution. Funding the response to a disaster and grant programs requires more. It requires effort, heart, tools, and hands.

Unified Oversight

We are setting communities up for failure. Let's provide a process for unified oversight!

Unified Tools & Resources

Let's provide communities and states with one effective tool to ensure the effective management of emergency funds.


In a typical year, 75% of local governments fail to follow federal laws pertaining to the Stafford Act. That’s a typical year. We’re heading into a situation where local governments, like everyone else, will have reduced administrative capacity and we’ll be asking them to do something they have historically not done well when running at full administrative capacity.

Success is...

Funds for Cost Recovery

AND perfect accounting of each dollar we spend

Funds for Equipment

AND a clear visual guidence and score cards on procurement.
AND use tools to Prevent problems instead of punishing.

Funds for Staffing

AND a easy-to-follow process for using Emergency Funds to pay for health care providers and others

Tempest-GEMS is...

Successful Execution of Grant Mission

AND perfect accounting in a cloud-based application for every dollar you spent

Successfully Reporting Labor Costs

AND printing on forms FEMA loves and is familiar with with perfect math

Successfully Capturing Document

AND starting your grant close out process with the first document you scan
AND follow the guideposts and scorecards in the software to gather the docs you must have


Tempest-GEMS is software helps you confidently navigate the rough terrain ahead.

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We are posting a series of training videos on YouTube. The training includes hint-and-hack on FEMA Public Assistance and instruction on how to use Tempest-GEMS

Training Posts

We took the same YouTube content and created training blogs. Use as quick reference guides, or in lieu of videos in case your network or laptop won't let you near YouTube

Knowledge-Base & Help Desk

In addition to YouTube and training (blog) posts, we also support a robust and dynamic knowledgebase. The Knowledgebase includes quick videos and articles on how to use Tempest-GEMS.

Your Cornerstones

Protect Access to Emergency Funds

Take simple, effective, efficient steps to protect the flow of federal emergency funds. Make every action count.

Protect Your Neighbors

Use web-based tools to ensure that our local taxes don't go up. Let's prevent the risks of punishment due to mistakes.

Protect Community Services

Ensure we take all possible steps to protect our valuable community services. We depend on them. Funding them is difficult enough, let's provide them help. It is our duty.

Protect from Overwhelm

Executing projects with federal funds is successful when we provide clear instructions, good guidance, realistic timelines and resources that help!

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