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Christina Moore
Christina Moore — Founder & CEO.

Our Story

Christina Moore formed Storm Petrel in 2006 providing both emergency management consulting and data management services. The company provides methods-based processes to clients while emphasizing and measuring results. Ms. Moore, who designed and deployed internet technology in Alaska and Iraq, has three decades of experience in emergency services, public health, crisis management and software development.

Meet Us

Our people help your people. Here are a few of our folks...

John Glezen

John Glezen

Chief Techology Officer
With 3 decades of experience, John protects our infrastructure from bad-actors while guiding our team to best practices.

Kelly Dodge

Chief Marketing Officer
For decades, Kelly has been adding zeros to the revenue for other companies. Now she is doing the same for us. Amazing.

Stephanie Dickerson

Manager, Software Development
With 6 years in the U.S. Navy and 5 with us, we appreciate her leadership and attention to detail.
Raul Gomez

Raúl Gomez

Customer Service Lead
Hard working, focused, and dedicated, Raul improves every mission with his presence. He keeps track of every ticket and how happy our customers are.
The Storm Petrel

History of Our Name and Logo

Nearly two decades ago, I thought I’d be a geek on a boat. I grew up sailing and loving the water. The logical part of my brain suggested a gig on a boat might just blend two passions. So I spent part of one winter on a research vessel in the Gulf of Alaska and the North Pacific. I have never regretted that glorious mistake.

It was the Gulf of Alaska I met a little bird who danced and played on the crest of stormy waves. That little fellow, drawn to the left, is the Storm Petrel. Opening a business that specializes in disaster response and recovery, my old friend seems the perfect herald for the new adventure.

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