Bespoke Software Development

Our team tailors our professional and seasoned skills to design, development, deploy, and support custom software applications. Skills honed in supporting commercial applications that meet rigorous U.S. federal government standards. Our software has managed over $5 billion (USD) in grants, and nearly 500,000 electronic documents through our commercial software.

We create the tools for the modern workspace. Through careful studying and detailed listening, we craft software that precisely fits your needs. 

What options exist?

  • We create software to your specifications
  • We can hand you the software to host yourself at Oracle, or internally
  • We can host and support the software for you
  • We can provide professional customer service to your users

We have terrific references. Contact us for more information. We are well known in the Oracle APEX community. Our team has published numerous APEX blogs/articles. We have published sophisticated API via GitHub. 

We are experts at Oracle APEX, application design, software development.

Customer Service/Help Desk

Storm Petrel provides customer service for our commercial software. We are always happy to explore keeping this team busy. We’ve already built the team and invested in the tools. Our professionals, all located in North America, provide customer service in English and Spanish. We have supported natural disasters, financial systems, and complex business processes. We rely on ZenDesk for ticket management and for their knowledge base process.

Storm Petrel can provide a help desk to you as well. We need a small part time help desk when we started up – finding a good one was tough. 

APEX Office Print (AOP)

Storm Petrel appreciates our long-standing support from APEX R&D and their product APEX Office Print (AOP). Our team depends on AOP for the creation of stunningly beautiful reports from Oracle. 

We are happy to share our experiences with others in the development community which include training, support, and the resale of AOP to U.S. federal agencies and states as needed.  

AWS Hosting for Oracle APEX

Fantastic options exist for hosting Oracle APEX applications from both AWS and Oracle. Storm Petrel has had to resolve a number issues related to cyber security, web application firewall settings, disaster recovery preparation, customized URL, and Oracle configuration. For a select set of APEX users, Storm Petrel hosting may serve a small niche between retail hosting as found at and self-hosting at AWS or Oracle. We have credentialed CISSP and VMWare personnel on staff. Our help desk personnel provide comprehensive monitoring of the infrastructure. 

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