¡Ahora, Tempest-GEMS está disponible en español!

¡Estamos orgullosos de anunciar que nuestro sistema de gestión de gastos de la concesión Tempest-GEMS ya está disponible en español! El mismo software de administración de subvenciones de alta calidad en el que ha llegado a confiar ahora está disponible para sus usuarios hispanohablantes. No más traducciones confusas y lentas: los hispanohablantes pueden confiar en …

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Oracle PLSQL SMS and MFA

Introduction In 2015, I wrote an entry about doing multifactor authentication with PL/SQL (link: https://storm-petrel.com/orablog/2015/11/29/oracle-apex-multifactor-authentication/) The SMS services that I based my work on has disappeared from the internet landscape, rendering my code and efforts futile. So it was time to start again. The advantage was that I got to use better RESTful tools and …

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Compressing binary large objects (BLOB) or files using PL/SQL has been challenging. For at least a decade, Oracle includes UTL_COMPRESS as a means of compressing or zipping files. This technology faced a few limitations specifically, adding a BLOB with the UTL_COMPRESS.LZ_COMPRESS_ADD procedure. The source “file” is required to be raw. The utility spews errors when …

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Oracle PL/SQL AWS S3

Oracle PL/SQL AWS S3 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Solution (S3) has upgraded its application programming interface (API) to support HTTPS. This upgrade involved a redesign of the authentication process at AWS. The authentication process now involves authenticating the user and verifying the canonical request made to AWS S3. Morten Braten and Jason Straub …

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